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    When visiting one of the private dental clinics, the problem of teeth abrasion was revealed, but no suitable solution was found. Turning to dentistry "Dentix", I, fortunately, fell into the hands of Elena Vladimirovna Petrusha, a wonderful professional and a great person. The proposed option solved my problem in the best way for me. Aesthetic restoration of teeth exceeded all expectations! Complex work was carried out at the highest level. I also want to thank the assistant Julia Olshevskaya Julia for her attentiveness, responsiveness and support. I wish prosperity and good patients to the dental clinic "Dentix"!
    I want to write self opinion about the clinic Dentix. In this place, I feel like a person here and do not fear for the health of the teeth. I addressed many times, problems have accumulated, my experience is not little and it is only positive. Tatyana Anatolyevna Geits is a great doctor, my last two fillings is her work. And I also like Irina Mikhailovna Kozus, after her gentle hands teeth never hurt.
    Visiting this clinic revolutionized my mind. For the first time in my life I stopped being afraid of visiting a dentist. I had a difficult case, work was big and difficult – treatment took two years. Now, I finally stopped being afraid of my smile and feel that neither money nor time was spent in vain. Special thanks to Petrusha E. V., as well as to the wonderful assistants. I can not fail to note the impeccable work of the administrator. Thank you very much.
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